Educational Film Teaches Young Drivers About Getting Pulled Over

OCEAN COUNTY – The eighth film in the county’s Right Turns Series has been released and it’s targeting new drivers, according to Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato.

The latest educational film in the series is called “Pulled Over.” Meant for high school juniors and seniors, the film highlights how to act when you get pulled over by a police officer.

Coronato stated that it is important to educate young, new drivers on what to do when stopped by an officer, especially as these types of police stops continue to end badly.

“The film highlights motor vehicle stops by some of our own municipal police officers. It walks the viewer through each stop with the goal of demonstrating how a person should properly interact with law enforcement during the encounter,” stated the prosecutor’s office.

By teaching young drivers the necessary steps to take during a stop, it can help produce a better outcome with a safe and peaceful conclusion for both the officer and the driver.

“Sometimes new drivers do things unintentionally that may heighten law enforcement’s concern for their safety. The Prosecutor hopes that this Educational Film will serve to educate and protect law enforcement and drivers when somebody finds themselves – “Pulled Over”,” it stated.

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