American Pickers Filming In New Jersey This August

Mike and Frank (Photo courtesy Cineflix)

NEW JERSEY – The hit television show American Pickers is coming back to New Jersey! Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and the rest of the show’s team will be filming throughout the region throughout August.

The show is a documentary series featuring Wolfe and Fritz, skilled “antique pickers,” as they hunt for America’s most valuable antiques. These two men not only want to find unique antique collections and learn the history behind them, but they always love to meet the characters who own them.

By recycling and rescuing these forgotten items, the show wants to give the found antiques a new life while exploring America’s past.


Always looking to uncover something new, Wolfe and Fritz are looking for leads and would love to explore your hidden treasure. If you or someone you know has a large, private collection of antiques, send your name, phone number, location and description of the collection with photos to: or call 855-OLD-RUST.