Summit Park Renovated

Photo by Chris Lundy

MANCHESTER – Some people have been complaining that we’re still getting summer weather this late in the year. For the people of Summit Park, it meant that they could enjoy their newly renovated park.

The park, off Alexander Avenue, had been in need of improvements for years. Now, the basketball and tennis courts were resurfaced, the playground was replaced, and new fencing was installed. Additionally there was a pavilion built in the middle of it.

There were a few punch-list items that still need to be looked at, but the park itself was ready for the public, said Manchester’s director of public works, Al Yodakis.

Alyssa Pentifallo, 17 months, holds her dog, Domino. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

And the public did come out to a re-opening ceremony on a sunny Saturday afternoon. People were walking from the small neighborhood off Route 37 to enjoy not just the park, but children’s entertainment.

The township has been trying to renovate parks on a regular basis, he said. It is unknown what park will be done next, but Bowker Memorial Field and Holly Oaks Park are options.

Summit Park boasts all new amenities, such as playground equipment, swings, and a pavilion. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

“We, the (Township) Council and I, are extremely proud of the work our DPW did in revitalizing Summit Park.  It’s a beautiful place for families to take their kids and enjoy,” Mayor Ken Palmer said. “Of all the work we have done in town, I take the most pride in driving by Sixth Avenue Park or Summit Park and seeing those playgrounds full of kids.”

The tennis courts were refurbished. (Photo by Chris Lundy)