Park Improvements Underway In Manchester

The amenities at Summit Park will see improvements. (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)

MANCHESTER – Summit Park is getting a makeover.

The park, off Alexander Avenue, had been in need of improvements for years.

“It’s as dilapidated as you can get,” Mayor Ken Palmer said.

The courts and fencing have already been done. The playground will be replaced.

Photo by Jennifer Peacock

Manchester’s director of public works, Al Yodakis, said for the most part, the township is replacing what is already there with newer, nicer amenities. The two new changes would be improvements to make the park more accessible to people with disabilities, and a 30-by-40-foot covered pavilion in the middle of the concrete sidewalk that leads to the playground.

The original concept plan included a repaving and restriping of the parking lot, trimming and thinning trees, replacing fencing, and a “summit” themed playground with a rubber floor. The basketball court and tennis court were to be redone.

Last year, the town revamped another park for approximately $200,000, so the township is prepared to spend that much this time, Palmer said. They will be using money from the open space fund and expect to be reimbursed with Green Acres funding.

“We want to get to a point where all of our parks are in pretty good shape, and can just be maintained,” Palmer said.

Photo by Jennifer Peacock