Manchester Councilman To Resign

Councilman Brendan Weiner sworn in as council president, 2015. Weiner will resign as a result of moving out of town. (Photo courtesy Manchester Twp.)

MANCHESTER – After more than a decade on the dais, a member of council is resigning because he is moving out of town.

Brendan Weiner, who was first elected to council back in 2006, will be resigning from the Manchester Township Council. His official resignation date is February 21.

In an exclusive statement to The Manchester Times, Weiner explained the decision for his departure.

“We will be moving out of town in order to be closer to my wife’s family. By law I am unable to serve on the Township Council unless I reside within the municipality, therefore, I am resigning from my position on the Township Council effective February 21, which coincides the closing date of my residence in Manchester.”

He continued: “I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity, the honor and the privilege to serve the fine folks of Manchester Township in this capacity for over 10.5 years. I will deeply miss so much about the position I held as Councilman, however I am excited to begin a new chapter in the book we call ‘life.’”

He was reelected in 2010 and 2014, and served as council president. He, his wife and toddler daughter will be moving to Lacey Township.

“…He has been a great asset to the town over his 10-year tenure as councilman,” council president Sam Fusaro told The Manchester Times. “His energy and commitment to our residents was without equal. We wish him all the best in his new home.”