La Bove Grande Opening Next Chapter

Photo by Jason Allentoff

  LAKEHURST – There’s been no official, public word on what the fate of the La Bove Grande property is. But there is finally an answer to who bought it, sort of.

  A member of the Lakehurst New Jersey Facebook group posted a deed recorded March 14 from the Ocean County Clerk’s Office showing the property was sold to two limited liability companies, 800 Route 70 LLC and RT 70 Holdings LLC, both listed at P.O. Box 869 in Lakewood. They hold two-thirds interest and one-third interest in the property, respectively.

The paperwork on behalf of the buyer is Daniel Czermak, a “nonmember manager of the grantee.” He was a member of the Lakewood Development Corporation and is the chairman and founder of Beacon Health and Social Services in Oceanport, which provides all-inclusive care for elderly patients on Medicare and Medicaid.

  The Manchester Times has been in contact with the borough clerk’s office since news of the banquet hall’s closing started circulating last summer. At press time, the clerk’s office has received no applications pertaining to the former La Bove Grande property at Union Avenue and Route 70.

  An ordinance had been floated around but ultimately tabled that would have allowed for assisted living residences, continuing care communities, residential medical detoxification centers, and behavioral health care facilities on lots at least two acres in size. The zoning would be amended “west of Center Street and front of Route 70.”

  The facility could only house up to 50 in-patient persons.

  According to the borough website’s Land Use information, “the area of the Borough of Lakehurst west of the railroad tracks is under the jurisdiction of the Pinelands Commission. Any application or development in this area requires a Certificate of Filing from the Pinelands Commission, before the application can be heard by the Land Use Board.” The borough clerk is also the secretary of that Board.

  There has been no movement on updating permitted uses for that commercial zone at this point. The borough is combing through all its ordinances this year, according to officials, to bring its often outdated code into the 21st Century.

  La Bove Grande operated for more than 30 years in Lakehurst. It was started by brothers Jerry and Luigi Bove. As chatter increased in the borough that the brothers were shuttering their banquet hall, Jerry Bove for months refused to comment.

  The family finally offered a statement March 14, the date of the building’s real estate closing.

“We have officially closed our doors and we couldn’t have made it such a success without all of your loyalty and memories that we have created with you. As this bittersweet moment has come to an end we will never forget the fun times, all of the families that became our friends, the weddings we have celebrated, holidays spent with you, New Years we rang in, and children we have seen grow up. This may be the end of La Bove Grande but the memories will last a lifetime as we close the doors to the laughter, tears and relationships these walls will hold and instill in our hearts forever. Not only did we have the best clients but we have held an incredibly hard working and dedicated staff who we have greatly appreciated every day! May you all continue to share your memories for years to come that we have helped to create, and we humbly THANK YOU. God Bless, and for the last time …Thank you for joining us at La Bove Grande.”