What Do You Want In A Superintendent?

Jackson School BOE
Photo by Micromedia Publications

  JACKSON – Superintendent Stephen Genco has six months left before his retirement on July 1 and School District officials are fully underway with the process of finding a replacement.

  As the Jackson School District begins looking for its next superintendent of schools, the Board of Education is inviting Jackson community members to share their thoughts on what they are looking for in a school leader. 

  “Choosing a superintendent is one of the most important decisions a board of education can make,” Board Vice President Sharon Dey said. “We want to be sure we are gathering input from all across our town, not just from people here in the district, so that we can understand various perspectives and opinions.’’

  The board has posted a Superintendent Survey on the district website at jacksonsd.org/superintendentsearch and has emailed the survey directly to parents and staff. Residents are also encouraged to share their thoughts via email to jsd@jacksonsd.org or to attend any Board of Education meeting.

  The next full business meeting of the board will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 22 at the Jackson Memorial High School Fine Arts Auditorium. An updated meeting schedule was posted on the board’s meeting page following the board’s reorganization meeting held on Jan. 7.

  Dey said the board will use this feedback to make critical and informed evaluations of superintendent candidates over the coming months. The board is looking to make a final decision sometime in the spring, to replace current superintendent Stephen Genco, who is retiring in July 2020. 

  Genco had said previously he would be as involved in the search as the board wanted him to be.

Superintendent of schools Stephen Genco (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

  “This is an incredibly important position and we have to be sure we are taking the needs of the entire community into consideration,” Dey said. “We have been fortunate to have strong, passionate and capable school leaders and we want to continue that tradition of excellence. The students, parents, staff and taxpayers of Jackson deserve the best.” 

  Dey added that the board is committed to keeping the community informed on the progress of the search.

  “The feedback we get from this survey will go a long way toward helping us feel secure that we have the pulse of the people we represent,” Dey said. “We can use that feedback and insight to inform our evaluations and deliberations as we start bringing candidates in over the next few months.”

  For more information and updates, visit the district’s page at jacksonsd.org/superintendentsearch