NYC Teen Steals Cab To Drive To Six Flags

Six Flags Great Adventure (Photo by Micromedia)

A New York City teen was caught by police after taking a joy ride in a stolen cab in an attempt to make it to Six Flags Great Adventure.

In the early hours of March 20, Rochelle Park Police were informed of a stolen cab on Essex Street, authorities said. When police located the taxi, they also found 19-year old Jonathan Gualpa asleep in the backseat.

Police reported that Gualpa stole the taxi, driving it from New York into New Jersey in an attempt to visit Six Flags in Jackson, NJ. When Gualpa got tired, he pulled over and fell asleep where police later found him and took him into custody.

What Gualpa might not have realized is that his plan would’ve fallen through even if he made it to his destination. Six Flags Great Adventure remains closed for the season until April 6.

Gualpa has been released but is facing charges for stolen property.