Zoning Approves Special Needs Facilities

Howell Town Hall (Photo courtesy of Howell Township)

HOWELL – The Howell Township Zoning Board approved special needs facilities for the township at a recent meeting.

The board unanimously approved EIHAB Human Services Inc.’s application to construct a “facility for office staff, job training and recreational programs for adults with developmental disabilities/behavioral health challenges.”

The board granted the applicant use variance and preliminary and final major site plan approval for the facility, to be located at Block 137, Lot 3, also known as 403 Fort Plains Road.

The proposed site will incorporate a 19,956 sq. ft., two-story building accompanied by 50 parking spaces, according to the case presented to the board.

The proposed site is in Howell’s Highway Development 1 zone, which allows for the office use required in the application, however, the training and recreational programs for those with developmental disabilities was not included in as a permitted use in this zone. The board granted the applicant a use variance to include this.

According to their website, EIHAB Human Services “is a multilingual, multicultural nonprofit organization dedicated to serving children and adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges.” Part of what EIHAB does is work to provide “mentally and physically challenged individuals” in need with a voice, a better quality of life, and a chance to succeed.

Representing EIHAB before the board was attorney Kenneth Pape. Pape stated that while EIHAB’s offices are located in Howell, they are looking to relocate.

Along with Howell Township, EIHAB has locations in New York, Long Island, and Pennsylvania.