Jackson Voters Approve Fire Budgets

JACKSON – Voters approved the fire department budgets in all three districts at the February 18 fire district elections.

In Jackson’s District 2, there were three people running for two, three-year terms as fire commissioners. Robert R. Redington, Jr., 150 votes, and Martin Flemming III, 128 votes, won the two spots. The third candidate, John I. Alchevsky, received 80 votes.

There was also an unexpired one-year term on the ballot. John W. Ryan was the only candidate. He won 163 votes.

Photo courtesy of Jackson Fire Department, Facebook

Voters approved the budget 153 votes to 31. The total budget will be $2,432,959. Of this, $1,644,914 would be raised in taxes.

These figures do not include 15 mail-in ballots.

In Jackson’s District 3, there were two people running for one, three-year term as a fire commissioner. John E. Siedler won the spot with 100 votes. Vincent Nicosia, Jr. received 90.

The budget question asked voters to approve a $3,222,205 budget, with $2,957,854 to be raised through taxes. It passed 106 – 95.

In Jackson’s District 4, there were five people running for two, three-year terms as fire commissioners. Wallace Jamison, 93 votes, and Raymond Torres, 96 votes, won those two spots. The other candidates were Kenneth Byrnes, 65 votes, Barry Olejarz, 53 votes, and Brian Ruditsky, 41 votes.

Voters approved the budget 108 – 75. Of the total budget of $2,096,141, $1,557,384 will be raised by taxes.