Jackson Mayor: Lock Your Doors

Photo by Jason Allentoff

  JACKSON – Mayor Michael Reina’s message was simple. Lock your doors.

  The mayor was helping spread the word during a recent Township Council meeting. Police from Jackson and nearby departments have been asking the public to do this since there have been more car burglaries recently.

  “Please lock your car doors. Don’t leave those fobs in there. I know it’s hot now and you want that air conditioning going as you do the heat going during the winter. As of recently we had three visitors from Newark that were recently locked up,” Reina said.

  “They were caught thanks to a RING camera,” the mayor said. “This is something serious. They were not Jackson residents. Jackson Township is not going down the tubes.


  “We have people coming in from other neighborhoods, outside towns because we happen to be a very nice neighborhood and they think we aren’t paying attention,” the mayor added. “Please keep those cars locked, your doors locked your garage locked and your sheds locked. It is the world that we are living in and for your safety and the safety of those you live with do not confront anyone call 911 immediately.”

  Mayor Reina also advised residents to ask questions to the governing body or professional staff that they “may have picked up on in social media. It is very important you get the correct information and this is the place to go.”

Resolutions Passed

  During that meeting the Township Council approved adding a new member to the Apartment and Mobile Home Park Rent Levelling Board.

  Council President Martin Flemming explained that Board “involved a team we put together that has done an unbelievable job.”

  A joint agreement between the township and school district to provide two school resource officers for the school district was also approved.

  The township is also seeking this year’s Clean Communities grant and also renewed several liquor and campground licenses for the current year as well as the zoological license for Six Flags Great Adventure.