Jackson Candidates Vie For Mayor Spot And Two Council Seats

Photo by Micromedia Publications

JACKSON – Voters will have two mayoral candidates to pick from and six candidates to consider for two open council seats during this year’s municipal election.

The mayoral spot and council seats all have four year terms in the non-partisan election form of government that the township has. Jackson’s form of government does not observe a party primary race despite party affiliation.

Township Clerk Ann Marie Eden vetted the candidates earlier this month from the petitions received. Three candidates were expected to be on the ballot for mayor but only two were approved.

Mayor Michael Reina (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)

Incumbent Republican Mayor Michael Reina, who has served in that role for about a decade, is seeking re-election and is facing challenger Tracie Yostpille.

Both candidates have a contradictory campaign tag with Reina’s being “Experienced Leadership Moving Jackson Forward” and noting his role in bringing new development and ratables to the township since his time in office with the cooperation of the council, zoning and planning board and a township subcommittee.

Reina has stated that he feels the township is moving forward and recent projects including the building of a hotel and waterline hookup project between the township’s Municipal Utilities Authority and Six Flags Great Adventure are positive moves for the township and its taxpayers.

Tracie Yostpille (Photo courtesy Tracie Yostpille)

In contrast, Yostpille is running as part of the “Save Jackson” ticket feeling that the township’s development and other areas of government need some important changes. Running on the same slogan are council candidates Brandon Rose and Paul Sarti.

Those council candidates running with Reina are Andrew Kern and Alexander Sauickie, III.

Conspicuously absent from that GOP lineup is incumbent Councilman Scott Martin, who previously ran with Reina as part of his party’s ticket. Martin is running for another term on the council but is running separately on the “Jackson First” campaign.

Another council contender is Denise Garner whose slogan is “The Independent Voice For The People.”

Councilwoman Anne Updegrave is not seeking reelection to her council seat.

Voters will determine who will serve in the two council seats and lead the township as mayor during the general election to be held on Nov. 6. A further profile of the candidates featuring their background and experience and viewpoints will appear in a future edition of The Jackson Times.