Police Report Reveals Cause Of Crash At Mulligan’s

Photo courtesy Squankum Fire Company #1

HOWELL – An attempt to avoid a rear-end collision didn’t end well for Mulligan’s Bar & Grill.

The Aug. 5 Howell Township Police report offers a few more details into the crash into the south entrance vestibule of the popular restaurant on Route 547.

The 53-year-old female driver, driving a Volkswagen Jetta on Route 547 North around 3 p.m. that Sunday, attempted to slow down for a turning vehicle but instead hit the gas pedal.

“This caused her to lose control of the vehicle and pass to the left in the [southbound] lane just before the crash site,” the report states.

Photo courtesy Squankum Fire Company #1

The driver said she did not see the vehicle in front of her stopped or slowing down.

The witness driving that vehicle said they were slowed down with their turn signal on, to turn left into Mulligan’s parking lot, when they saw the female driver “drive very fast past them on the left just before crashing into the building.”

Both the Squankum and Freewood Acres fire departments responded and secured the structural integrity of the building, and had to lift the building off the crashed vehicle.

The woman was cited for “traffic on marked lanes” and careless driving.