Emma Havens School Treated For Mold

Emma Havens Young Elementary School. (File photo)

BRICK – Mold found in one township elementary school is being dealt with.

An Aug. 22 letter to families whose students attend Emma Havens Young Elementary School, from Superintendent Gerard Dalton and Principal David Kasyan, alerted them that surface mold growth was found in seven classrooms in one section of the building by custodial staff.

They blame the high humidity this summer for the growth.

The dehumidifying system in that part of the building was also found to not be working “as designed,” the letter said.

“To quickly rectify the situation, in order to insure a safe and clean environment for students and staff, immediate action was taken to clean all affected surfaces and replace the dehumidifiers,” the letter stated.

District maintenance has inspected all ventilation to make sure it is working properly.

“Additionally, we have contracted with Environmental Safety Management Corporation to provide services for testing of air and surfaces and monitoring for temperature and humidity to assure that all locations are safe prior to occupancy by students,” the letter said.

The letter went on to say the situation is being monitored as the district awaits testing results.

A call to Kasyan to the district was unreturned as of press time.