“Innocent Man” Eludes Police, Then Surrenders

Photo courtesy of Cop Cruisers.org

HOWELL – What started as a dispute with employee at Risco RV ended at the Howell Township Police Headquarters with charges of eluding police.

Jacob Konikov, 65, of Dover, Delaware, was arrested and charged with second-degree eluding as well as several motor vehicle offenses.

He allegedly got into a dispute with an employee at Risco RV at Routes 524a and 547. The employee alleged Konikov attempted to run him over with a 52,000-pound camper.

Howell Police were called around 4:15 p.m. Thursday alerting them to the incident. Howell Police found the vehicle near the business and attempted to stop Konikov. At first he stopped, then proceeded onto Route 195 West.

Officers secured the interstate and deployed tire deflation devices, but as the camper approached Route 9, Konikov stopped.

He called 911 and was transferred to Howell Police Lt. Joseph Markulic, who convinced Konikov to surrender.

He was taken into custody, processed, and was released pending a court appearance.

It was unclear if Konikov did attempt to run over the employee.