Heavy Public Turnout Adjourns Hearing On Asphalt Facility

(Micromedia File Photo)

  HOWELL – Further testimony on the asphalt manufacturing facility proposed for Yellowbrook Road won’t be heard until the end of May after the Zoning Board of Adjustment saw a too-full house at the April 29 meeting.

  The meeting room at town hall was packed to the brim, exceeding occupancy dictated by the fire marshal. Police were even turning people away at the door.

  “The residents of Howell showed up in force to voice their opinion. The room was filled to capacity. The police would not let any more people into the room. The crowd spilled out into the hallway, waiting to be heard,” stated one resident.

  It was zoning board attorney Ronald Troppoli who broke the news, stating, “It’s my decision in consultation with the chair to adjourn this meeting…we need to get into a bigger venue so whoever wishes to speak can be heard.”

  The meeting will be carried to May 13, for scheduling purposes only, where the board plans announce a new, larger venue for a hearing of the application.

  These residents showed up in force to oppose L&L Paving Co. Inc.’s plan to build an asphalt manufacturing facility at Block 177, Lot 62.01, 89 Yellowbrook Road, where a concrete manufacturing facility currently sits.

  L&L Paving is applying for Use Variance and Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval to remove a portion of the concrete manufacturing facility and replace it with their asphalt facility. The proposal also intends to make various changes to the area including improvements to a storage facility, the implementation of a control building, weigh station, and office, the removal and replacement of 13 acres of impervious coverage with landscaping and a total of 250 trees, among other improvements.

  The property was purchased by the company back in 2016, according to Lance Redaelli, owner of L&L Paving.

  Previous testimony by Redaelli stated that, on the 35-acre property, they would be installing grass on 11 acres of the property that is currently pavement, and installing a two-way driveway on Yellowbrook Road, near Cranberry Road, that truck drivers will use to both enter and exit the facility.

  The facility would operate from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

  One resident sent a list of concerns to The Howell Times, identifying some of the main reasons why so many residents are opposed to the application. The list cites additional heavy traffic during daytime hours, high noise levels, toxins produced by the asphalt, contamination of Yellow Brook and its wildlife, potential for fires, unsightliness, and safety concerns, among others.

  A post to the Howell Township Facebook page on April 30 stated: “in light of the need for additional space, the Township Council is working with both the Zoning Board and the Howell Township School Administration to secure a larger venue. The Council and Zoning Board want to ensure that all members of the public who wish to be heard have an opportunity to do so.”

  The township has set a tentative hearing date for L&L Paving’s application as May 20 at 7 p.m. at Middle School South.