Mayor, Former Councilman Win Brick Primaries

(Photo by Micromedia Publications)

BRICK – Mayor John Ducey and former councilman Domenick Brando won their parties’ primary elections to face off against each other in November.

Ducey was unopposed in his primary run, winning 2,073 votes. There were 7 write-ins for Democrats.

Brando won 1,734 votes and the Republican nomination to run for mayor. He beat Martin Ebert’s 724 votes to gain that spot. There were 9 write-ins.

There are three council seats on the ballot as well. The Democrat slate is Marianna Pontoriero, 1,873 votes; Paul Mummolo, 1,802 votes; and Heather deJong, 1,820 votes. There was 1 write-in.

The Republican slate is Marilyn Lago, 2,184 votes; John Ciocco, 2,156 votes, and Lois Turner, 2,126 votes. There were 10 write-ins.

These figures come from Ocean County. They are unofficial figures until they are certified.