JCP&L Phone Scam In Brick

BRICK – Have you recently received an alarming phone call from JCP&L? Maybe they threatened to shut your power off? If so, you might not be the only one. The Brick Township Police Department has recently received several reports that local businesses and residents are being targeted by a JCP&L phone scam.

For this scam, the callers identify themselves as bill collectors from JCP&L. They will tell you that you have a bill that is past due and then threaten to turn your power off if it is not paid. These “bill collectors” will only accept the funds through Green Dot Money Cards.

Here is where residents should question this skeptical transaction. Green Dot Money Cards are not a typical mode of payment for JCP&L and can be quite difficult to trace back to the culprit. For this payment method, you must purchase the card, call the number that they have provided for you, and then the scammers can get their hands on your money.

JCP&L customers should be wary of this scam, to avoid being duped into putting their money in the wrong hands.

If you do receive one of these calls or if you just have a question regarding your JCP&L account you can contact them directly.

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