Man Charged with Robbery and Assault in Jackson

Photo courtesy Jackson Police

JACKSON – Nicholas Bonaccorso, 30, has been caught and charged after allegedly assaulting a female (not named) at the Sunoco gas station on North County Line Rd early Saturday morning, Nov. 25. Bonaccorso has been charged with Robbery, Assault by Auto, Simple Assault, and Theft.

Police say the suspect allegedly attacked the victim while she was buying lottery tickets from the machine inside the gas station store. The victim fought and struggled against him as they both tumbled to the ground; the victim was struck countless times in the head, face and upper body. She attempted to protect her belongings from him- to no avail- when Bonaccorso escaped with her wristlet wallet, leaving his sweatshirt and hat behind in the store.

Determined not to let Bonaccorso get away, the victim pursued him into the parking lot of the gas station and into the passenger seat of his car before he could drive off. Engaging in another physical fight with the assailant, the victim was struck a few more times as Bonaccorso backed the vehicle up while simultaneously trying to push her out. He then accelerated fast enough to drag her a short distance before she eventually fell from the vehicle. The victim was left behind as Bonaccorso fled from the scene with her wristlet wallet still in his possession.

The police arrived on the scene at approximately 12:45 a.m., where a witness with a partial license plate and security footage from the gas station store helped them to identify the assailant as Bonaccorso. The victim was treated for her injuries. It was determined that the contents of her stolen wristlet wallet contained a value of over $200.

Bonaccorso’s vehicle was identified as belonging to a relative of his but the police were unable to track him down immediately.

On Sunday evening, the police got word that Bonaccorso could be reached at the Hilton Gardens Hotel in Lakewood. There, both Jackson and Lakewood police found him and another female. Both Bonaccorso and Jennifer Tayse, 33, of Toms River, were taken into custody. Tayse was released pending a court appearance.

Bonaccorso has been processed and is being kept at the Ocean County Jail.