Is Trader Joe’s Coming To Ocean County? Maybe. Or Maybe Not.

(Graphic courtesy Trader Joe's)
(Graphic courtesy Trader Joe's)

BRICK – Did someone say “Trader Joe’s?”

A hint, or maybe more of a wish, was dropped by officials recently that the beloved chain may be making a home in Brick Plaza.

Anyone who loves Trader Joe’s knows that they feel bad for anyone who doesn’t live within a reasonable–or possibly unreasonable (hey, this writer travels 45 minutes to get to the closest one to her)–driving distance to shop there.

Sure, from the moment it opens till the moment it closes, it’s nearly impossible to find parking. And while it’s cute to see children pushing their mini-carts through the aisles next to Mom, it’s not so fun getting rammed in the ankles with them.

But, alas, it’s worth it. It’s Trader Joe’s.

It’s not easy to get a Trader Joe’s in any location. Wannabe devotees create social media pages and campaigns imploring the company to set up shop in their hometown. The campaign this writer followed happened in Germantown, Tennessee during a rabid Big Star phase.

But it’s worth it, because…they got a Trader Joe’s!

One local media outlet quoted a noncommittal company spokesperson, and even the mayor said there’s nothing official to announce yet. So, turn that “if” into a “when.” You can contact the company and request a Trader Joe’s in your town.