Winning Jersey Cash 5 Jackpot Ticket From Toms River

TOMS RIVER – Two lucky people will be splitting the Jersey Cash 5 jackpot after each of them matched all five numbers drawn for a winning ticket!

The tickets were purchased at two different NJ locations, one at TS II LLC in Toms River! The other ticket was purchased at the Wilson Avenue Deli in Port Monmouth.

The total jackpot for the Jersey Cash 5 drawing was $384,334, which the winners will be splitting down the middle, each receiving $192,167. The winning numbers were 19, 20, 31, 32 and 38; the XTRA number was 03.

“We are thrilled that the winning jackpot tickets were sold at Wilson Avenue Deli and TS II LLC. The retailers will receive a bonus check for $2,000 for each winning ticket sold. Overnight, they have become two more ‘lucky locations’ for the very fortunate lottery winners,” said Acting Executive Director John M. White.

White also noted that there were a total of 447,476 tickets purchased for that drawing.

In addition to the two big winners, 81 individuals won $507 each and six people won $1,521 each, with the addition on an XTRA number, after matching four of the five numbers drawn. Also, 2,419 ticketholders won $17 each and 351 others won $51 each with the addition of XTRA, for matching three of the five numbers drawn. And 4,642 ticketholders won $2 each after matching two of the five numbers drawn, with the addition of XTRA.