Why Is Toms River’s Lakehurst Road Closed Sometimes?

Photo by Chris Lundy

TOMS RIVER – A gas line replacement will mean that construction will continue in the area of Lakehurst Road until May, a spokesman said.

New Jersey Natural Gas is in the process of replacing an 8-inch main with a 12-inch main, spokesman Mike Kinney said. The gas line will run 9,500 feet from Route 37 to Highland Parkway.

Photo by Chris Lundy

Work began in November, and the intermittent road closures have been attributed to weather, he said. If it’s too cold or there’s precipitation expected, the workers are sent elsewhere.

The project is expected to be completed in the first half of May, he said.

The purpose of the project is to “meet the growing demand” for gas in downtown Toms River, he said. Although the downtown area is being rezoned to increase density, this project does not necessarily have to do with that. There is an immediate need for a widened pipe right now, and the widened pipe will help out if the downtown redevelopment goes through.

“There’s always an inconvenience when there’s road closures,” he said. “We work with the town to try to minimize that as best we can.”

Photo by Chris Lundy