When Is Trick Or Treat In Toms River?

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  TOMS RIVER – Officials announced that trick or treat will be Wednesday, Oct. 30, the day before the huge Halloween parade.

  The 81st Annual Toms River Halloween Parade will be held on Thursday, Oct. 31. Trick or treat will be held the day before so that it won’t conflict.

  “This was a joint decision made by the Township, Toms River Fire Companies and the Toms River Police Department. We want children to come to the parade with their families but still enjoy the time-honored tradition of trick-or-treating,” Mayor Thomas Kelaher said.

  But this message is going out to more than just the families with children in the home. Drivers are urged to have extra caution on trick or treat.

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  “We advise parents to accompany children or have kids trick-or-treat in groups, always carry a flashlight for safety, stay on sidewalks or as close to the curb as possible and only go to houses where the porch lights are on,” Police Chief Mitch Little said.

  There won’t be an official curfew, but trick-or-treaters should be off the streets by 9 p.m., Little said.

  “As always please contact the Toms River Police Department if you see or hear any suspicious activity,” the chief said.