Two Arrested For Carjacking

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TOMS RIVER – A man and a woman were arrested and charged with carjacking after threatening a resident with a knife and stealing their vehicle.

On the evening December 1, the Toms River Police Department responded to a call on Weston Drive about a robbery in progress. Once arrived at the scene, the victim explained how he was selling a 2003 Honda Civic and had just met with two people who were interested in purchasing the vehicle.

After the three individuals took the car for a test drive, the suspect stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Weston Drive and Ashford Road. Once stopped, the other suspect who was sitting in the rear passenger seat behind the victim, grabbed the victim around the neck and placed a knife to his neck.

The suspect threatened the victim stating how they would be taking the car.
The victim was able to break away from the male’s grasp, grab his phone, and exit the vehicle. The victim ran to the closest house and received help from the resident.

After giving a full description of the suspects to police, Lakewood Police located the stolen vehicle less than two hours after the incident.

After investigation, the suspects were identified as Saheru El, 23 last known address Asbury Park, and Tonia Underwood, 18 of Lakewood.

They were placed under arrest without further incident.

El was in possession of several knives at the time of his arrest and was charged with First Degree Carjacking. Underwood was also charged with First Degree Conspiracy to Commit Carjacking.