Toms River Police: No Swimming In Dangerous Waters

The rough surf on the morning of September 15, 2023 in Seaside Park (Photo by Laura Michelle)

  TOMS RIVER – With the looming danger of rip currents, Police Chief Mitchell Little issued an emergency declaration for this weekend.

  Beaches will remain open, and lifeguards will be on duty, but there is to be no swimming while red flag warnings are in place, he said.

  The police department said that violators may be charged with a disorderly persons offence.

  The National Weather Service has stated dangerous conditions, such as rip currents and high surfs, are hitting our area.

Photo by Laura Michelle

  “Although Hurricane Lee is not expected to make landfall along the Mid-Atlantic coastal region, there will be dangerous conditions along our shores,” said Capt. Kate Higgins-Bloom, commander of Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay. “Rip currents are a hidden threat to even the most experienced swimmers. With the increased number of tragedies following Tropical Storm Idalia over Labor Day weekend, we urge everyone to remain cautious. If you’re spending time at the shore over the next few days, keep yourself and loved ones safe by paying close attention to surf conditions and warning signs posted by local authorities.”

  Rip currents can’t be seen, and they pull swimmers away from the beach. If you find yourself caught in one, don’t swim toward shore because you’ll tire yourself out. Instead, swim parallel to the shore, since most rip currents are less than 80 feet wide.