Toms River Lions Club Gives Filtration Systems To Hospital

Photo courtesy Toms River Lions Club

  TOMS RIVER – Early in February of 2021 the Toms River Lions received a letter of request from Community Medical Center Foundation for assistance. Their most current project was to install a total of 40 HEPA type commercial air filtration systems to increase the efficiency of the air quality especially in the hallways.

  When they received the initial request for these filtering units, they needed to educate ourselves as to the use and value of this request not in terms of money but in terms of usefulness and worthiness to help many in the community. The Toms River Lions Club donated 10 of these HEPA filtration systems.

  Most times we think of filtering out dust particles and allergy producing items like pollen. These filters will take out germs, bacteria, viruses and the smallest of other particles to make the air 99 percent plus pure. These filters will keep viruses that cause pneumonia and flu out of the air, but now it will work on the COVID-19 virus with great success.

  The HEPA filters remove minute particles in the air which helps prevent airborne diseases. The machine pulls air into the unit, then filters the air before moving it out. These units augment the larger system being installed throughout the individual rooms to create negative air pressure which will also help to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus by reducing the air which would circulate back out to the hallways.

  Air is sucked from the rooms and sent to the large filtering system that is outside of the building. You can now see that they are mounting stainless steel tubing/piping around the building especially at the Main Entrance. These are the vents thru which the air will be moved.   The filtering system removes anything from the tiniest particles that are missed by regular room filtration systems. 

Photo courtesy Toms River Lions Club

  Even though this is not truly related to their mission to assist with blind or eyesight problems or to help the hearing impaired, the officers and members of the Toms River Lions Club felt that so many people could benefit by this request for filtration systems that they would help all of the people in the Toms River Area.

  Toms River Lions is a non-profit World-Wide Organization that serves people in the central part of Ocean County. They began here in Toms River in 1972 and worked hard ever since to primarily assist people with Sight and Hearing deficiencies. 

  In the recent past, we have tested children in many local Day Care centers by using a special camera that takes a picture of a small one’s eyes and reads a prescription of the child’s eyes.  With this method the child is not treated with anything that will upset them and cause them to be nervous. The prescription is then printed out if there are any defects in the eyes that would need medical attention and given to parents so they can follow up with their child’s needs.   

  Toms River Lions Club has many fundraisers such as the White Cane Collection at local grocery stores coming up soon plus raffles and the annual Car Show on Rt 37 at old K Mart parking lot. They rely upon these events and others to provide funds for giving back to the community when the opportunity arises. The Toms River Lions Club is a 501 (C) 4 Charitable Non-Profit Organization. 

  They hope that you will join us in supporting these initiatives at RWJBH Community Medical Center Foundation by contacting Jennifer Shufran at If you are interested in volunteering with the Lions Club contact Lion Marion Goldberg, Secretary at