Toms River GOP Chooses Mayoral Pick, But Is Challenged

Joe Coronato (Photo courtesy Ocean County Prosecutor's Office)

TOMS RIVER – The Toms River Regular Republican Club recently held a screening for the mayoral spot on the primary election.

Five people were screened: Joseph Coronato, Virgil Demario, Kevin Geoghegan, Maurice Hill and Daniel Rodrick. Ultimately, former Ocean County Prosecutor Coronato won the nod.

Current Mayor Thomas Kelaher has not stated that he wants to run for re-election.

Hill, a current councilman, said that since the vote was so close, 10-9 in favor of Coronato, that he wants to hold a vote by all the club members – not just the screening committee – to determine who should be the choice.

Rodrick, also a councilman, stated that he’s going to mount a challenge in the primary election. He said he was passed over because he did not endorse a plan to develop the Ciba-Geigy property.