Three Vehicle Crash, Several Injuries In Toms River

TOMS RIVER – The Wednesday morning commute was hampered by a serious motor vehicle accident in the township.

Toms River Police said a man who didn’t hit the brakes at a stop sign ultimately caused a three car collision in the area of Garfield and Adams Avenues around 7:30 a.m.

Police Department Spokesperson Jillian Messina said 20-year-old Noah Colino of Toms River was driving his Nissan Altima traveling eastbound on Adams Avenue when he failed to stop at the stop sign.

Colino collided with a Ford F250 pickup truck driven by 40-year-old Frank Guzzi, also of Toms River, who was traveling south on Garfield Avenue.

The impact caused Guzzi’s vehicle to overturn and land on top of a Volkswagon GTI driven by 37-year-old John Bordonaro of Toms River. 

The crash inured all involved. Everyone, except for Colino, was taken to the hospital including a six year old passenger inside Bordonaro’s vehicle.  Everyone is said to have suffered minor injuries and were treated at Community Medical Center.

Colino refuses medical treatment at the scene and was cited for Failure to Stop/Yield at a Stop Sign. 

The accident is being investigated by Toms River Traffic Safety Officer Robert Westfall.

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News