SUEZ Water Prepared For Tropical Storm Jose

Photo courtesy SUEZ of Toms River

TOMS RIVER– SUEZ reminds residents that the company is prepared to take all necessary measures as a result of Hurricane Jose and the National Weather Service’s predicted tropical storm conditions for the coastal sections of New Jersey which includes our service areas.

“Although the current predictions indicate the hurricane is expected to remain out to sea, a tropical storm can unquestionably produce high winds, flooding and intense rains,” said Jim Mastrokalos, director of operations. “Given the information from the National Weather Service pertaining to this storm, SUEZ has made certain we’re prepared to provide uninterrupted service and respond quickly as possible to any emergency situations,” he added.

Seaside Heights rough surf before Jose arrives. (Photo by Pat Gonzalez)

Mastrokalos said that specific measures in preparation for a storm such as this include testing backup generators, ensuring that water storage facilities are full and maintaining an extra supply of water treatment compounds. Company officials also work closely with local emergency response teams to coordinate emergency preparation and response activities.
“We’re asking our customers to also be weather ready by verifying their personal emergency preparedness plans and making sure they have ample emergency supplies such as flashlights, batteries and food,” he said. “SUEZ will its best to keep the water flowing during this event, and we also encourage our customers to store extra tap water in food-grade storage containers,” he added.

Before filling containers with drinking water, they should be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water, then rinsed with clean water and sealed with original tops. Place a “drinking water” label on the containers and include a storage date.

Be careful not to store containers in direct sunlight or in areas near toxic substances such as gasoline or chemicals. Additional, helpful emergency preparedness tips are available at

If an emergency action plan is activated, customers can obtain updated information by calling 877-565-1456, visiting or SUEZ Water South Jersey social media channels.