South Toms River: Go To Toms River For Building Permits

Photo by Jennifer Peacock

SOUTH TOMS RIVER – The South Toms River government issued a reminder that residents seeking building permits now need to go to Toms River, not Beachwood, for those applications.

South Toms River borough administrator Joe Kostecki said the change has been in place since June 1, but not all residents seem aware of the changes.

The borough used to have a shared services agreement with Beachwood, but that municipality closed its building department earlier this year. Kostecki said it’s a money-saving approach to have shared services.

Toms River offers more availability while still saving South Toms River residents money, Kostecki added. The borough’s administration is very happy with Toms River’s handling of the building permits.

Residents should still call South Toms River first before heading to Toms River. They can call 732-349-0403 for instructions.