Sign Leaves An “L” Out Of “Lavallette”

A tarp now covers the NJDOT road sign pointing motorists to “Lavalette.” (Photo by Quinn Peacock)


A tarp is covering the State Department of Transportation road sign now, but not before someone noticed a misspelling on it. New road signs dotted the side the Thomas A. Mathis Bridge, the eastbound connector to Toms River and Berkeley’s Pelican Island.

One sign, directing motorists to stay left for Ortley Beach and “Lavalette,” had a misspelling that residents and borough officials quickly noticed.

The contractor who made the signs is reportedly going to correct its mistake, at no additional cost to the state.

Jersey Shore Online reached out to NJDOT officials to ask how much such road signs cost. As of press time, it is unknown who looks over signs’ directions and spellings for correctness and when the new sign will be installed.