Local Woman Investigates House Fire

Photo courtesy Toms River Police

TOMS RIVER – Police continue to investigate the cause of a fire in a home on North Gateway Drive on the afternoon of Dec. 8.

Suzanne G. Reynolds, of Pine Belt Cadillac on Route 37 East, noticed smoke coming from the house while she was at work. Reynolds took it upon herself to go over to the house to check out the situation. She bravely went into the house to see if there were any people left inside, when she found three brothers on the first floor waiting for their mother to arrive. Reynolds informed them that the house was on fire and helped them out along with the family dog. The boys, ages 8, 10, and 12, had no clue that the house was on fire.

The Toms River Police Department commends Reynolds for her heroic actions in this situation. There are also no signs that the fire was started intentionally, but police are still investigating the cause.