Knights of Columbus And Manchester Schools Help Those In Need

Photo courtesy Knights of Columbus

LAKEHURST – On Dec. 4, the Knights of Columbus and the church community came together for a wonderful occasion of giving at St. John’s Church. The Knights presented tons of donated items that will be given as gifts to students of families in need in Manchester Township, to the Director of Student and Administrative Services, Alex George.

The donation program is run every year by the Knights council in coordination with the Manchester schools, said Jerry Schlitzer of the Knights of Columbus. Schlitzer said that he begins working with George in August when school begins to see what items will be needed by the high school students and children grades one through eight of local families in need.

Schlitzer, his girlfriend, and two other helpers take on the responsibility of buying the gifts and packaging them. They provide gifts for both males and females such as utility sports clothes, hoodies, sweatpants, down coats, shoes, sweaters, and more.

“I have worked with Boscov’s, who gives us a wonderful discount. We do get quality items,” said Schlitzer.

Schlitzer and his colleagues iron, package, and individually label the items. Schlitzer said he tries to get sizes ranging from small to large so that there will be something for everyone. Once wrapped, the items are brought to the church where they are presented for George to give to the students in need.

“This man [George] has been working tirelessly for the children and young men and women in Manchester Township, giving many hours, finding the right families , distributing what is necessary for each family and very humbly accepting any thanks,” said Schlitzer of George.

Although there are other organizations that work with George to provide assistance to those in need, the Knights work hard and provide a large amount of items to the drive.

“The recipients, you can imagine, are so grateful,” said Schlitzer. “We have a saying: no one will ever be poor from giving to the poor.”