Does Toms River Need A Skate Park?

Photo Chris Lundy

TOMS RIVER – A resident asked the Township Council what it would take to get a skate park in town, and the answer was that there needed to be a demonstrated need.

Anthony Devecka approached the council and spoke about how he goes to skate parks in other towns, such as Bayville and Brick. He said there was space in several township parks, such as Skyview or Oak Avenue. He was wondering what needed to be done in order to have one built.

Councilman George Wittmann Jr., who was running the meeting, said it comes down to a question of need, and Devecka was the first person to ask. He asked business administrator Don Guardian to speak to recreation director Jared Tate about the need.

He also was questioning where one could be located. A skate park should be a place that kids can reach without having to be driven.