Joker Movie Filming In New Jersey Locations

The movie was recently filming in New York City. (Photo courtesy Paul Meyers)

The Clown Prince of Crime will be shooting in the streets of some north Jersey cities soon.

Director Todd Phillips’ origin story about Batman’s archnemesis, the Joker, will be filming in Jersey City and Newark. The movie, slated for release in Oct. 4, 2019, stars Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix in the title role. Robert DeNiro also stars.

“Romeo,” the movie’s working title, will tell the story of a failed comedian who transforms into an archvillain.

Scenes will be filmed from 2 p.m. to 4 a.m. or later Sept. 30 into Oct. 1 in front of the Newark Avenue Courthouse in Jersey City. Shooting will also happen Nov. 9 in front of the Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theater.

Filming will take place in Newark Oct. 13-16, although a specific location was not immediately available.

It’s too late to submit a headshot for consideration as a background extra for the Jersey City shoot date. Grant Wilfley Casting was looking for nonunion actors, ages 18-59. The movie is set is in 1981, so actors needed to look authentically ‘80s.

“This film is set in 1981 so we need men with a bit of length to their hair. Hair must be a bit over the ears in order to be the right length for the film. No shaved hair on sides & back, no hip present day haircuts, no 1950s haircuts, not too long hair either. Black men must have small- medium afros, no fades, line-ups or edging. No shaved heads! Men MAY be asked to be clean shaven, so must be comfortable with that,” the casting agency said on its Facebook page Sept. 24.

Fittings took place in Brooklyn Sept. 25 and 26.