Cops: Target Purse Thief Turns Self In, Will Make Amends

Photo courtesy Toms River Police

TOMS RIVER – Police said charges have been filed in a case of a woman who allegedly stole money from a purse she found in Target.

The suspect voluntarily surrendered to police, and was charged with one count of theft, pending a future court date, police said.

Her identity has not been released.

“Sometimes mistakes are made in life that are out of character for how a person normally conducts themselves. When a person is determined to make amends they should be afforded that opportunity. That does not excuse the illegal act but it does go a long way for us here at the Toms River Police Department,” a press release stated.

The suspect had allegedly found a purse that was left unattended while shopping with a small child. She pocketed about $40 and hid the purse in the store. The entire incident was caught on the store’s security cameras. The incident happened on April 28.

The police thanked everyone who contacted them with tips.

“These tips would have eventually led us to her but it is refreshing to know that some people do the right thing to fix their mistakes,” the press release said.