Ashley Combs’ Biological Father Released On Home Confinement

Photo courtesy Ocean County Prosecutor's Office

  TOMS RIVER – The Jackson man charged with interfering in a Toms River teen’s disappearance has been ordered released.

  Brian Combs, biological father of 17-year old Ashley Combs, was ordered released by a Superior Court judge on April 2. Combs, 44, will be subject to home confinement pending a trial date. With an ankle monitor, Combs will only be able to leave his home for work, attorney visits, and court appearances.

  Combs has been charged with third-degree interference and fourth -degree obstruction. Should he be convicted, he could get up to five years in prison.

  The search for Ashley Combs began on March 22 and dragged on for days until authorities found her hiding under a bed in Brian Combs’ home.   

  According to police, Combs was keeping Ashley from being found by her adoptive parents by moving her between homes.

  Also charged was 70-year old Linda Roszel who lives with Combs. Roszel was charged with obstruction and interfering with the custody of a minor. Ashley’s biological mother, 39-year old Mechelle Combs, was charged with obstruction.

  This is not Combs’ first brush with the law. According to authorities, he has previously received disorderly persons, resisting arrest and obstruction offenses.

  A source quoted in an Asbury Park Press report cited a rocky home life between Ashley and her adoptive parents; however her adoptive parents refute these claims.

  Representing Ashley’s adoptive family, Jef Henninger posted a statement on Facebook: “My clients fully expected that the birth parents would make false allegations against them in order to justify their actions. These false allegations have been made before. Ashley was placed with the Nieratkos [her adoptive parents] because they could provide her with a loving home. They fully expect that these false allegations will be unfounded and the investigation will be closed quickly.”