Vietnam Monument Approved, Date Changed

(Image courtesy Thy Cavagnaro)

BARNEGAT – A monument to honor Vietnam veterans has been approved by local veterans groups, officials reported.

Residents Thy and James Cavagnaro have been working toward having a monument placed in town to show respect for Vietnam veterans. Thy Cavagnaro is a Vietnam refugee, and said she saw this as a way to give thanks.

Mayor Albert Bille said that the local veterans groups approved the design. He thanked the Cavagnaros for their work.

The date of the installation has been moved off of Veterans Day, which is Nov. 11, to March 29, which is Vietnam Veterans Day. Thy Cavagnaro said it would be better this way so as not to take the focus away from non-Vietnam veterans. She also said she hoped that their mission might inspire other towns to do the same for their Vietnam veterans.