VIDEO: The Grinch Gets Busted, Christmas Is Saved

The Grinch is placed under arrest by Stafford Police Officer Wooding (Photo courtesy Stafford Police)

  STAFFORD – The mean old Grinch is back at it again trying to steal Christmas items from the Whos of Whoville and the residents of Stafford.

  But thanks to the officers at the Stafford Township Police Department, they’re not letting this green fella ruin Christmas.

  When Officer Wooding got the report that the Grinch was on the move stealing Christmas decorations at Cindy Lou Who’s house, he quickly drove over to end the destruction.

The Grinch was caught stealing presents. (Photo courtesy Stafford Police)

  “Tell everyone, this ends this year,” Wooding said over his radio.

  When he arrived at Cindy Lou Who’s house, Wooding caught the Grinch green-handed stealing Christmas decorations off the lawn. When he tried to make a run for it, Wooding called for backup, cornering the Grinch and arresting him.

  Of course, Officer Wooding made sure that the Grinch wore his seatbelt as they drove away in the squad car.

  Thanks to the Stafford Township Police Department for saving Christmas this year.

Maybe the Grinch’s small heart will finally grow three sizes and find the true meaning of Christmas.