Stafford Welcomes New Officer To PD

Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police Department

STAFFORD – The township police department has promoted one of their Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers to Patrolman.

Stafford Township Police said Patrolman Gerardo Jorge was sworn in during the recent council meeting. Patrolman Jorge, with badge number 119, is a 2014 graduate of Southern Regional High School, where he was Captain of the wrestling team.

In May of 2019, Jorge graduated from the Ocean County Police Academy SLEO Class #44, where he received the awards for Highest Overall Recruit and High Physical Fitness.

Since his employment with Stafford Police, Patrolman Jorge has competed and placed first in numerous elite fitness challenges including the Prince George Iron Team Endurance Competition, the Manchester Township Police Law Enforcement Fitness Challenge, the Maryland Buds PT Challenge, and the 2019 Henne Fitness Challenge.

He has also been the recipient of several positive performance notices and letters of appreciation from the public.