Stafford Offering Automated Leaf Pick-Up Service

Photo by Jason Allentoff

STAFFORD – It was announced at a recent council meeting that Stafford Township will now provide a fully automated leaf pick-up service for the entirety of the town, beginning on December 4.

With the possession of now a third truck designated for leaf pick-up, the township will now be able to provide this service for all of Stafford as opposed to just sections, as had been done previously, according to Councilman Dave Taylor.

According to the Stafford Township website, the town will be split into Zones 1-4. Your zone is dependent on where you live. Leaves will be collected on Mondays throughout the months of April, May, June, November, and December.

The township requests that residents who want their leaves to be collected during their zone week should rake leaves to the curb the Sunday before scheduled pick-up. Bagged leaves will not be taken.

To find out which week your zone will be reached, check the leaf collection date schedule available on the website