Safe Exchange Zone Unveiled

Photo courtesy Monmouth County Sheriff's Department

FREEHOLD – In light of the holiday shopping season and the inevitable increase in transactions, Monmouth County has created a Safe Exchange Zone right outside of the County’s Sheriff’s Office. It is designed to keep Monmouth County residents as safe as possible, not only during the holiday shopping mayhem, but also year-round, while conducting any online business.

The Safe Exchange Zone includes two parking spots in the front of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, at 2500 Kozloski Rd in Freehold. People can exchange goods, have child custody issues or conduct private property transactions under the protection of the Monmouth County Police and a 24/7 surveillance camera.

Just in time for the busiest shopping time of the year, the Safe Exchange Zone can help residents and holiday shoppers alike can engage safely in those in-person transactions that accompany buying or selling online, without the usual risks of meeting strangers in an unfamiliar location.

Photo courtesy Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department

“Nothing is more important than maintaining the safety and security of the residents in Monmouth County and this is another step to help ensure that effort,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden of Monmouth County. “In-person internet transactions have become an extremely popular way for people to buy and sell items, but it can also be a risk. The area, designated as a Safe Exchange Zone, creates a safer place for residents to conduct their business, often with strangers, minimizing exposure to danger.”

In-person meetings are a very common, but also very dangerous way, to conduct business. The County Sheriff urges shoppers to beware when engaging in these transactions, because these types of sales have created easy opportunities for criminals.

Residents just have to make arrangements to meet and they will be able to use the Safe Exchange Zone for its intended purpose. The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office recommends transactions take place during daylight hours.

For more information contact the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.