Project Lifesaver Bracelet Helps Officers Find Missing Person

File Photo

  STAFFORD – The Stafford Township Police Department was able to find a missing 77-year-old man thanks to a lifesaving tracking bracelet.

  On February 19, Stafford Police responded to a missing person report in the area of Jennings Road in Manahawkin. A 77-year-old man suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia had went missing, reports stating that he left his home around 7 p.m. After searching the area police had no findings or signs of the missing man.

  Luckily, the victim was wearing a Project Lifesaver bracelet, which is a tracking device the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office uses to find missing individuals.

  Officers from the Ocean County Sheriff 911 quickly responded and found the missing man lost in the woods near a creek.

  The Stafford Township Emergency Medical Services checked for any injures and later brought the man safely back to his home.

  Both the Stafford Township Police Department and the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office want to recognize the importance of the Project Lifesaver program and how its technology has helped locate lost individuals who may have cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, or autism.

  To learn more about the Project Lifesaver program, visit the Ocean County Sheriff’s website at