Police: Be Wary Of Telephone Scammers

LONG BEACH TOWNSHIP – Long Beach Township Police are urging residents to practice caution in the midst of various telephone scams.

Reports describe scammers that claim you have won something of value and then request money for the delivery of the prize to your home. “In order for those items to be delivered, they request money be sent to them via money gram or other untraceable means,” stated police officials.

Usually preying on the elderly, according to officials, the scammers will call landlines, cell phones, or send food deliveries to your home with messages on them.

Police were contacted by a self-proclaimed “scammer” on July 17, who reported that a scam was then taking place in Long Beach Township. The caller claimed to be calling from Trinidad, but did not provide a name or phone number. Police said that the caller’s information helped them to intervene before any additional money was sent by victims.

“Please make sure to forward this information to your relatives and make them aware of these scams. Also, ask your relatives if they have received any of these suspicious phone calls and/or sent any money,” stated police officials.

If you are a victim of one of these scams, contact Long Beach Township Police at 609-494-3322.