Police: Be On The Alert For Gift Card Scammers

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  OCEAN COUNTY – Are you frequently receiving spam calls on your phone? The police are advising everyone in Ocean County to take caution when answering these calls.

  The Barnegat Police Department stated that they obtained multiple reports from serval different sources of a scam that has been sweeping the neighborhood.

  The scam consists of someone identifying as a Comcast/Xfinity employee and will call you offering to upgrade your TV service. This person then proceeds to ask the victim to buy gift cards and give them the gift card information.

  These scams have gotten so elaborate that the caller will go as far as spoofing their phone number so that when they call you, the caller ID will appear to say either Comcast or Xfinity.


  There have been many similar cases throughout the years regarding FBI/IRS phone scams where someone threatens to arrest you if you don’t pay “fines”.

  Police are warning the community and asking everyone to be mindful of these phone calls. Do not purchase or send any gift card information over the phone.