Parks A Source Of Pride In Barnegat

A foul ball at the Lower Shore Road Sports Complex. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

BARNEGAT – As the weather starts to warm up, kids come out to the township parks. But also, workers are coming out to improve those parks, and the results are starting to get noticed.

(Photo by Chris Lundy)

Several residents spoke at the May Township Committee meeting and expressed gratitude for the work being done at the parks and fields. They stated that kids are talking about the improvements at school, and they have been looking forward to the warming weather to go out to the parks.

Denise Pilovsky, who has been the president and a coach with the Bengal Girls Softball for many years, said that their field, at the Lower Shore Road Sports Complex, had needed work for some time.

(Photo by Chris Lundy)

Newly renovated, the complex is now a source of pride for the community, she said. There are renovated fields for softball and football. Both sports have their own concession stands. A large restroom is between them. There is lighting for evening games.

There are more than 100 girls in the sport, in a program that is practically year-round, Pilovsky said. The families put their all into this sport and it was wonderful to see the support from the mayor and committee in making these improvements.

“We had to travel to other towns to play. Now, towns come to us to play,” she said. This could open up business for town, since some families might hit some local restaurants or ice cream shops before they head home.

(Photo by Chris Lundy)

Meanwhile, the playgrounds in town have been undergoing some improvements, especially as the weather has been warming up.

In the past year, parents have been complaining about the state of the parks in town. They cited rusty equipment, garbage, and other factors that made them feel like they shouldn’t take their kids to the parks in town.

A large renovation project, touching upon every park in town, began recently. One contract, for approximately $147,000, had upgrades for new rubber mulch, equipment, resurfaced courts, and a number of other amenities. Project Playground, which came with a contract of $271,000, involves a complete park project from the ground up.