Shore Man Airlifted From Overturned Vehicle

Photo courtesy Jim Hill

  STAFFORD – A Barnegat man was airlifted to the hospital after his vehicle flipped over on Nautilus Drive this morning, police report.

  Police responded to Nautilus Drive at approximately 10:23 a.m. where a 2017 white Cadillac SUV was overturned. The driver, 81-year old Patrick Soricello, was travelling south on Nautilus near Windlass Drive with a passenger when he drifted into the shoulder and collided with a parked vehicle.

Photo courtesy Stafford EMS

  The collision caused Soricello’s vehicle to “violently” overturn, police said. Soricello was still strapped into the vehicle after the collision when Stafford EMS and fire department arrived on the scene to help him out.  

  Soricello was airlifted to Atlantic City Trauma, however police said his injuries are “minor and non-life threatening.” The passenger was transported to Southern Ocean Medical Center for minor injuries. 

Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police Department

  Stafford EMS stated that “multiple crews” and “ample manpower” were required to assist at the scene. A section of Nautilus Drive was detoured around the accident for approximately 40 minutes.