Ocean County Grad Trains Junior Navy Officers

Patrick Thompson. (Photo courtesy U.S. Navy)

  BARNEGAT – A Barnegat native, stationed in San Diego, California, serves in the U.S. Navy at Assault Craft Unit One (ACU 1).

  Patrick Thompson, who graduated from Southern Regional High School in 2005, started his career in the Navy 14 years ago.

  Thompson holds the rank of chief petty officer, where he has the chance to help his younger sailors achieve their dream in the Navy, and in their outside civilian lives as well.

  He said that the Navy helped him find a needed change in life, as well as stability.

  “The Navy allowed me to achieve both of those, as well as serving my country and starting a career,” said Thompson.

  The skills and values Thompson learned at the Navy are also similar to the ones he found while growing up, and volunteering as a firefighter in Barnegat.

  “I come from a family where good (work ethic) was instilled from a very young age,” he said. “I was also a volunteer firefighter at Station 11 in Barnegat, and have used those skills while underway and for damage control.”

  While serving in the Navy, Thompson remains a part of a world-class organization that is focused on maintaining maritime dominance, strengthening partnerships, and sustaining combat ready-forces in support of the National Defense Strategy.

  “The Navy is important for national defense by being constantly on deployment 365 days a year showing force and ensuring that global shipping lanes and travel are open to the world,” he said.

  While Thompson and other sailors continue to carry out missions with the Navy, they also continue to take pride in serving their country.

  “Being in the Navy gives people the opportunity to serve their country and work with a team of people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the greater good of the best country in the world,” said Thompson.