New Municipal Complex Approved

Barnegat Town Hall (Photo courtesy of Gavin Rozzi)

  BARNEGAT – The new municipal complex could break ground in October, township officials said.

  For years, the township has wanted to demolish the current building and move everyone to a new facility on the same property. The plan is to demolish the old public works building first. Then, build the new complex there. When that’s complete, the offices will vacate the current building and set up shop in the new one. Then, the current one will be demolished.

  Years ago, the Township Council passed an ordinance allowing for a Feasibility Assessment to be conducted for the construction of the new town hall and police station, to be built with $15 million in bonds.

  Even back then, employees complained about a lack of space, leaks, and conditions that were not up to standard for police and other departments.

  The township has retained Eli Goldstein as the architect for the project. He told the Planning Board about the new two-story building. The square footage will almost double and there will be plenty of office space and storage areas for the growing township.

  The project was put out to bid and officials said construction could take 18 months.