Lacey Police Accepting Applications For Junior Police Academy

Lacey Police

FORKED RIVER – The Lacey Township Police Department will be hosting a five-day Junior Police Academy for graduating 7th graders from July 10 to 14.

A one page essay detailing why he or she should be chosen for the Junior Police Academy is being accepted by the Lacey Township Police Department and should be dropped off at 808 West Lacey Road by April 1. Applicants are asked to include their name, address and telephone number with their essay.

The Junior Police Academy is designed to provide an exciting and challenging training experience for young adults who may be interested in a law enforcement career.

Junior recruits will participate in many phases of crime scene investigations, tactical operations, traffic safety, drug awareness and narcotic investigations. A junior recruit will also be asked to participate in daily physical training and military etiquette.

The Junior Police Academy will be open to 30 recruits. The academy will not be able to accommodate all applicants, making the positions available very competitive.

The selection process will include a review of the submitted essays and recommendations from the Lacey Township Middle School staff. Parents of the selected recruits will receive notification by mail inviting them to a mandatory meeting with information pertaining to the rules, regulations and academy schedule. A formal application for the Junior Police Academy will then be provided.

The Lacey Junior Police Academy. (Photo courtesy of Lacey PD)

Cost of the academy is $150, which includes daily uniforms, water bottle, daily lunch, graduation shirt and graduation dinner for three.

The Junior Police Academy graduation ceremony and dinner will be held at the Lacey Township High School on July 14 at 6 p.m.

  Training provided to the recruits during the Junior Police Academy will include:

Crime Scene Training

Court Room Testimony

Evidence Collection and Processing

Traffic and Criminal Law

Arrest, Search and Seizure

Interview and Interrogation

Cyber Crimes and Social Media

Physical Fitness

Applicants cannot have any previous arrests or disciplinary issues. During the Junior Police Academy, those who are not able to maintain the high standard of discipline, commitment, and integrity that the academy demands will be dismissed from the program.

For any questions about the Lacey Township Junior Police Academy, please contact Detective Lieutenant Christopher Cornelius at 609-693-6636, ext. 2566.